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July 24, 2024, 05:42:26 AM

The Path of Destiny

Started by Daemian, December 11, 2006, 02:32:16 PM

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Revans Shadow

As I lay down to sleep, I noticed that Amras stopped. There were some sounds coming from the forest. I also got up and aproached him. "What do you think is there?" I whispered to him. But before he could give me an answer, some creatures emerged from the forest, which later I found out were orcs. So, we had no choice but to fight them. The fight was over quite quick, because there weren't that many. We were pretty injured... "Let me take care of that wound." I said to him. Having done that, I got up and went towards my so called bed. Before I knew it, I collapsed onto the ground.
"Sometimes love's better off [span style=\'color:magenta\']dead..."[/span]


The fight made me lose any wish to sleep. I saw that Ayumi was asleep. Very asleep even. But I was used to people sleeping without making a sound, so I didn't take it as important. I walked around with my senses tuned to their maximum capabilities till morning. When sun arose, I went to wake up Ayumi. She wasn't responding. I quickly turned her around to notice that she was hit by poison blade. I patched her up without haste, because that poison, to her luck, was not deadly. After cleaning the wound with a bit of antidote I always had with me, she woke up.
Quote"Fate shapes us just as we shape it."


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